Divine Treasure Ventures

Divine Treasure Ventures​
Transformational life coaching

Divine Treasure Ventures (Transformational Life Coaching) was born out of the need to break free from my pain, fears, and the mindset that held me back from living the life I love. As well as to help other women break free of their pain, fears, and limiting beliefs.

Our Mission:

Giving women meaningful support as they work to transform their minds one thought at a time to live and fulfill their potential.

To achieve this, we:

  • support women as they walk through their tough circumstances, break free from their fears and limiting beliefs, and set goals to achieve their full potential.
  • make an intentional, collaborative environment where women can learn, grow, and connect.

Our Pillars:

  • Faith: We believe you have the Power within you to transform your life and live the life you love.
  • Transformation: We believe that each woman’s path to the life she wants is individual. And that a deep interpersonal change is facilitated by the help of others who offer a safe environment for thinking, skill development, and reflection.
  • Intentionality: We support the concept of process. We carefully plan everything we do to help women realize their full potential, both personally and collectively.

Our simple, yet life-changing transformation life coaching program has helped others break free and shift their mindset patterns to achieve a life filled with faith, love, peace, and ease, which means you live a life of fulfillment. Our proven system was designed by my trainer Mary Morrissey and the founder and owner of Brave Thinking Institute, the world’s premier training center for transformational life coaching.  Her system blends spiritual principles with practical real-world applications to create unparalleled results.  When you apply what you will be taught, there is no limitation to what is possible for your future.

As your transformation life coach, I will help you to achieve the best version of yourselves by mastering your thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

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